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Aftershokz Trekz Air

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Aftershokz Trekz Air
Aftershokz Trekz Air seem to be a popular choice for runners, as they allow you to still hear the world around you while running [1][3]. People say that they are comfortable and stay in place [1], and even after heavy sweating they don't fall out [5]. They also have good customer service [3], and battery life is impressive and lasts longer than expected [5]. They work great for phone calls too [5], but it seems like some people might find them too loud at times [5].

Jabra Elite 65t

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Jabra Elite 65t
The Jabra Elite 65t seems to be a popular option when it comes to earphones for running [3]. People say that they fit perfectly [5] and have a hear through feature [6] that is useful when running. It also seems to be well received in terms of sound quality and battery life [7], and is waterproof [6]. It's also worth considering the price point when making a decision on which earphones to buy [3].
From what I've read in the notes, it seems that the Bose SoundSport Wireless earphones are a great option for running. People say that they are extremely comfortable and stay in place [1], while also being durable [3]. It also seems that they have good sound quality and last a long time [5], and their moisture rating is the same as QuietComfort earbuds [6]. They also come with wingtip style cushions which are the same on both sets [6].
People seem to be in agreement that the Plantronics BackBeat Fit earphones are a great option for running, as they hook into the ear and won't fall out, have good sound quality and don't block out ambient sound [1][3][6]. They also have a good battery life and are "practically indestructible" [3]. Some people even prefer them over more expensive options such as AirPods [1].

Apple AirPods

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Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods seem to be a popular choice for running. People say that they don't fall out and have a good fit [3], and that they can listen to music while still being able to hear their surroundings [4]. They also have good battery life [5] and are comfortable [7]. Compared to other available earphones for running, it seems that AirPods are well-liked for their snug fit, battery life, and ability to let runners hear the world around them.

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  • Considerations

    Bone Conduction Technology

    When it comes to Bone Conduction Technology, Aftershokz headphones are generally considered the best option [1][2][3][5]. Due to their design, they allow users to still be aware of their surroundings while running [1][2][3][5] and provide incredible comfort and battery life [5].


    When it comes to comfort, AirPods Pro and Aftershokz headphones have been reported as being the most comfortable options for running [1][3][4][5]. The AirPods Pro come with comply foam tips for a secure fit and the Aftershokz have various earbud sizes that fit securely [1][3].


    For a good fit, many users recommend AirPods or AirPods Pro, as they don't fall out of the ear [4][5], or Jabra Elite Active 65t which also have a good fit and don't fall out with sweat [3]. Additionally, Plantronics Backbeat Fit hooks into the ear so it won't fall out while running[2], while Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo's are cheap but also fit snug in the ear[6].

    Audio Quality

    For audio quality, Powerbeats Pro are great for sport and won't budge even if you fall out of a plane with them in[5], while Bose Soundsport don't sit deep in the ear but they don't fall out with sweat either[3] and Samsung Buds have great sound and never budge[7]. Additionally, JBL Reflect Mini 2 have ear lock cams for keeping them in place plus great sound quality[7], and Beats Earbuds are cheap with good sound quality that don't fall out[4].

    Water Resistance/Durability

    For water resistance/durability, Plantronics Backbeat Fit are waterproof[2], while Jabra Elite Active 75T are highly sweat resistant[6] and Samsung Buds are both sweat proof and water resistant[7]. Additionally, Bose earphones were reported as never having a problem with them falling out during runs even when wet[3], Beats Wireless may fall off when doing core exercises such as burpees or jumping jacks due to its design but is still quite durable otherwise[4], and AirPod Pros can get wet from light rain or heavy sweating without any issues[5].


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