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Based on the sources provided, the best geology podcast recommendations appear to be Earth and Environmental Science by Colorado School of Mines, Science Sort Of, Science Friday, Nature podcast, and Weekly Weinersmith. Earth and Environmental Science is a free podcast from iTunesU that offers a detailed story of the geological features and processes through geologic time. Science Sort Of covers general science topics with contributors who are geologists, while Science Friday is an NPR radio show that covers science stories in detail. Nature podcast is a good source for higher level science talk, and Weekly Weinersmith is a spinoff of Science Sort Of hosted by the guy who does SMBC comics and his wife who works in biology.


Earth and Environmental Science by Colorado School of Mines seems to be a popular choice for the best geology podcast. It is free from ITunesU and starts at the simplest geologic features and processes before delving into a detailed story through Geologic time to the present [1]. It is also highly rated on Podyssey.fm, being described as "Geologi bumi dan membumikan geologi" [4]. It is one of the most frequently recommended podcasts among AskScienceDiscussion Reddit users, with one user saying it is "the best" [9].

Science Sort Of

12% of mentions
Science Sort Of
It seems like Science Sort Of is a great option for those looking for a geology podcast. People say that it is a general science podcast which covers geology more than any other topic. It also has contributors who are geologist, so it seems to be tailored to this field. Furthermore, it's described as enjoyable and entertaining as there is talk about movies and beer [4][7]. All of this makes it an interesting choice when looking for the best geology podcast [2].

Science Friday

10% of mentions
Science Friday
I think Science Friday is a good option for a geology podcast. It is an NPR radio show which covers any science stories in the news in detail [3], making it a great source of information on the latest research and discoveries in geology. Though it's not exclusive to geology, people say that its coverage of the field is quite comprehensive [4]. Moreover, Science Friday is recommended for supplementing 100-level geology classes [6], and its content has been praised for its wide variety of science topics [9].

Nature podcast

2% of mentions
Nature podcast
It seems that Nature podcast is a great option for those looking for a geology podcast. People say that it provides higher level science talk [4], which could be useful for someone looking to learn more about geology. Additionally, it is compared to other podcasts such as BBC Radio 4 Life Scientific and BBC Radio 4 In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg [5] and Ologies and Startalk Radio [6], which are all considered great options when it comes to science-based podcasts [9].

Weekly Weinersmith

1% of mentions
Weekly Weinersmith
Weekly Weinersmith seems to be a great option for an entertaining geology podcast. It's a spinoff of the popular podcast "Science Sort Of" done by the SMBC comic creator and his wife, who works in biology [5]. People seem to enjoy it as it has a good mix of comedy and science, making it perfect for commutes [6]. It is also a great way to supplement 100-level geology classes [5].

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  • Considerations


    When looking for a geology podcast, it's important to consider the format. Popular options include radio shows, lectures, and interviews [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].


    The best geology podcasts cover a range of topics from earthquakes, fracking, and mining to avalanches, mass extinctions, and ice ages [1][2][3][4][5][6]. In addition, some podcasts also cover conservation, wildlife, and habitat restoration [9].


    For an engaging podcast experience, it's helpful to have knowledgeable hosts. Popular hosts include Neil deGrasse Tyson on StarTalk Radio [10], Zoe Shipton on BBC Radio 4 Life Scientific [3], Wendy Zukerman on Science VS [9], Sydnee McElroy on Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine [10], Raychelle Burks on The Episodic Table of Elements [10], and Brian Cox and Robin Ince on The Infinite Monkey Cage [9].


    Geology podcasts vary in scope and focus. Some podcasts are general science-based like Science Friday [3] or Stuff You Should Know [5], while others are more specialized such as Geology Podcast Network which focuses solely on geology news and career highlights [4].

    Age Range

    Geology podcasts target audiences of all ages. For younger audiences there is Wow in the World by NPR which is designed specifically for kids [10]. For older audiences there are more advanced topics covered in Nature Podcasts[3] or Emergence Magazine[8].


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