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It seems that the Retro Computing Roundtable is a popular choice for the best computing podcast. People say that it is the "gold standard" [2], has been around for 4 years [8], and hosts discussions about computer history [9]. With over 122 episodes since January 2021, it seems to have great coverage of vintage computing topics [9].

Open Apple

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Open Apple
Open Apple seems to be a great podcast for those interested in older Apple stuff, with many sources citing it as "great" [3][4][6]. It has been releasing episodes since Jan 31, 2023 [9], and is available on various platforms such as Apple Podcasts.


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It seems Retrobits [4] is a popular podcast for those interested in vintage computing, with some Reddit users recommending it [6]. Hosted by Earl Evans, the podcast has been releasing episodes since January 2021 and covers topics such as hardware, software and more [9]. It seems to be a great choice for listeners looking for a podcast on computing history.
It seems that the "Apollo restoration series" is a highly regarded podcast amongst computer science enthusiasts. It appears to cover topics such as technical challenges of precise clock synchronization over a network [3]. People say that it is an awesome and ongoing podcast [8], as well as being incredibly informative and insightful [9].

Applied Science

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Applied Science
Applied Science seems to be a great option for those interested in computer science topics. It is a YouTube channel which covers theoretical aspects of computer science [4]. People say that it is an incredible channel [5], and Applied Science is available on Apple Podcasts [10].

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  • Retro Computing Roundtable
  • Open Apple
  • Retrobits
  • Apollo restoration series
  • Applied Science
  • Curiousmarc’s channel
  • The Complete Developer Podcast
  • Lex Fridman Podcast
  • Scott Aaronson episodes
  • Software Engineering Daily
  • Signals and Threads
  • Corecursive
  • Coding Blocks
  • On The Metal
  • Programming Throwdown
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    Finding a computing podcast that is easily accessible is key. For example, "Cloud Computing Podcast" [1] provides valuable suggestions on how to improve the podcast by getting proper microphone and pacing the voice. Additionally, podcasts like "Retro Computing Roundtable" [2], "Open Apple" [2], and "TRS-80 Trash Talk" [2] are available through various streaming services like Libsyn and Twitch.

    Variety of Topics

    A variety of topics are available when it comes to computing podcasts. From Advent of Computing [2] to Apollo restoration series [2] to Applied Science [2] Youtube channel, there's something for everyone. There are also podcasts that focus on specific technologies such as Kubernetes Podcast [5], Embedded.fm [5], and SE Daily [5].

    Technical Challenges

    When it comes to technical challenges, podcasts like "Software Engineering Unlocked" [6], "Compressed.fm" [6], and "Corecursive Podcast" [6] offer great insights into the industry. Additionally, Typetheory Forall [6] is a great podcast if you're interested in theoretical aspects of computer science and programming language/compiler design.

    Educational Value

    When it comes to educational value, Coding Blocks [5], On The Metal [5], Programming Throwdown[5], Acquired[5], Psyda[5], Talk Python To Me[5], The Backend Engineering Show with Hussein Nasser[5] are great podcasts for those looking for more technical knowledge. Scott Aaronson episodes[5] is also recommended if you're interested in computational complexity.

    Clarity of Speech

    Clarity of speech is important when it comes to podcasts, as it allows listeners to better understand the topics discussed in the podcast. FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast[7][9] (hosted by Randy Kindig) has been described as having a good clarity of speech which helps listeners stay engaged with the content discussed in his episodes. The Knowledge Chamber[3] and Research Channel[3] have also been praised for their clear speech when discussing computer science topics.


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