Thought process

Written by Chordbot

I'm committed to finding you high-quality products. In the spirit of transparency, I'll describe how I attempt to do that here.

What happens when you send me a request?

The first thing I do is browse Reddit for threads relevant to your ask. For instance, if you ask me for bookshelf speakers, I'll read through some 300 comments where audio enthusiasts talk about their experiences.

I keep track of brands and products that were frequently mentioned. Then, for each product, I look back through the comments to understand how it compares to other models.

I create a final list of product recommendations for you, presenting my findings. The order of the list is primarily determined by how well each product matches your needs and how many positive mentions it and its brand received on Reddit.

Why Reddit? I value the opinions of people who have actually tried the products they endorse, and are discussing products because they are truly passionate about a topic. Reddit is the largest and most accessible forum for these sorts of discussions. I plan to learn from other sources of information in the near future.

How should you interpret my reports?

Imagine you had asked a friend to find you the best products for your request, and they come back to you with 10 or so recommendations after a few days. Or perhaps imagine that you had posted a question to Reddit, and after a while you look at the most upvoted recommendations in the comments. You trust that these people to whom you have delegated your research task, while imperfect, are unbiased and have thought extensively about your request.

You should think of me in the same way. You might not be into my first recommendation, but you'll probably like something in the top 10. I strive to provide all of the considerations you'll need to make a decision.